Registration & Membership

Why Register?

It is a legal requirement for one to practice Surveying in Uganda and one can only practice surveying with a valid practicing certificate.


1. First Degree or Diploma – recognized by the Board.
2. You must have 2 years post qualification Local experience under a Registered Surveyor in Uganda.
3. Reference from 2 referees: –
a. Both of whom must be registered surveyors in the same discipline and having been on the register for at least 3 years.
b. One of the referees must be your supervisor and you must appear on their list of assistants for atleast two years.
4. a) Assessment fees of UGX 400,000/=
b) Re-sitting of interview assessment fees of UGX 200,000/=


  1. Download Registration form (SRB FORM 1) from the here / Pick registration forms from the Board offices.
  2. Fill and return to the Board. The Board shall forward the forms to the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda.
  3. The Institution of Surveyors of Uganda will process and forward them back to the Board with your Critical Analysis report that was assessed at your Professional Associate interview.
  4. For Land Surveyors, a reference for atleast 5 of your Cadastral jobs is sought from the Commissioner Surveys & Mapping, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
  5. Membership & Registration Committee of the Board sits and assesses you, considers and makes recommendation to the Board.
  6. The Board sits and considers the application.
  7. Applicant is informed of the Board’s decision within 7-14 working days after the interview.

Requirements for renewal of a practicing certificate

  1. Download the application form (SRB FORM 3) from the here or pick registration forms from the Board offices.
  2. Make payment of UGX 500,000 and provide proof of payments.
  3. Fill and return the form to the offices or e-mail a signed copy to the Board’s official e-mail addresses.
  4. The board shall then process the Practicing Certificate & notify you once it is ready for pick up.

Requirements for foreigners (TEMPORARY registration)

  1. Recommendation from your country’s board (Certificate of good conduct) signed and stamped.
  2. Copy of Current year’s certified practicing certificate from your country’s board.
  3. Copy of certified Registration certificate from your country’s board.
  4. Copies of certified academic qualification documents.
  5. Copy of valid passport or National ID.
  6. Color passport size photo.
  7. Filled out Registration Application Form (In duplicate) with all the required signatures and stamps as indicated on the form.
  8. Payment for the Application for Temporary registration amounting to UGX 1,000,000, Registration Fee(upon approval of the application by the Board) the equivalent of USD 500 only.
  9. Upon getting registered and obtaining a registration certificate, the surveyor  shall be required to apply for a Temporary Practicing Certificate at a fee of UGX 600,000 only and Annual subscription fee for that year.
  10. Copy of proof of payment of corporate membership at the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda.
  11. Work permit.
  12. Joint-Venture/Collaboration agreement with the name of the local registered surveyor  with whom you are associated.
  13. Copy of the project(s) or work in Uganda detailing the nature of work and its duration.
  14. Copy of current C.V.