Roles of the secretariat

The secretariat is responsible for running the day-to-day affairs of the board to include:

SRB Secretariat

Mary Adweo – Registrar.

Brillian Atuhairwe – Assistant Registrar – Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Aidah Njogedde Kayongo Lutaaya – Office Administrator

  1. Keep and maintain a register and record of all Registered Surveyors of Uganda.
  2. Issuance of annual practicing certificates to Registered Surveyors on behalf of the board.
  3. Organize, give notices for meetings, prepare and attend all meetings, record minutes of proceedings and follow up on action points of the meetings.
  4. Contribute to the deliberations of the Board.
  5. Prepare a financial report on the activities of the board during that financial year.
  6. Undertake all administrative responsibilities such as communicating to members required to attend board meetings, advising the board on its obligations with its members and other parties, and maintaining performance records of all Registered Surveyors.
  7. Mobilize and organize stakeholder engagements.
  8. Annual Publication of names of Registered Surveyors of Uganda.
  9. Receive, check and handle all applications submitted for registration and present them to the Board